Reading 1: Q & A

  • Who is Eduardo Ortega?

He was a young boy from a poor family.

  • Why is he nervous?

He is nervous because he was afraid that he was not accepted.

  • Why does Eduardo look older than he is?

He looks older than he is because he had a lot of scars and because he worked a lot.

  • What kind of work did Eduardo do when he was a child?

He worked in the field picking strawberries and beans.

  • When did Eduardo Study?

He studied at night.

  • Why did Eduardo go to San Francisco ?

He won a prize which was a free trip to San Francisco

  • What Was in the envelop ?

A letter from the university was in the envelop.

  • What is Eduardo’s  dream?

His dream is to be a pilot.

  • Do you think Eduardo’s sister and brother will go to college ? Why or why not?

Yes, I do ,  because Eduardo will be going to college.

  • How did Eduardo’s father help his family?

He supported them by working long hours and encouraging them to do well in school.


Reading 1: The Dream of Eduardo Ortega

    Eduardo Ortega is a young boy from a poor family. He had a dream to be a pilot. He studied hard for that. When he was younger, he won a prize, a trip to San Francisco.  He applied for a study grant to the state university. Today He received a large envelop with  a letter, telling him he has been accepted. He was nervous because he was afraid that he was not accepted.

     Eduardo worked hard in the fields, picking strawberries and beans to help his family. At night, his friends had coffee and slept while he studied hard. Because of his hard work, Eduardo ha a lot of scars on his hands and face and he looks older than he really is.

    Eduardo’s dream was his father’s dream too. His education was important for his family. He was the oldest. If he goes to college, his younger sister and brother would go too. His father encouraged him to go to school and smiled all the time. His father was too poor to go to college. He was too busy to read because he worked long hours to support the family.