Reading 1: Q & A

  • Who is Eduardo Ortega?

He was a young boy from a poor family.

  • Why is he nervous?

He is nervous because he was afraid that he was not accepted.

  • Why does Eduardo look older than he is?

He looks older than he is because he had a lot of scars and because he worked a lot.

  • What kind of work did Eduardo do when he was a child?

He worked in the field picking strawberries and beans.

  • When did Eduardo Study?

He studied at night.

  • Why did Eduardo go to San Francisco ?

He won a prize which was a free trip to San Francisco

  • What Was in the envelop ?

A letter from the university was in the envelop.

  • What is Eduardo’s  dream?

His dream is to be a pilot.

  • Do you think Eduardo’s sister and brother will go to college ? Why or why not?

Yes, I do ,  because Eduardo will be going to college.

  • How did Eduardo’s father help his family?

He supported them by working long hours and encouraging them to do well in school.


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