Unit 6 Reading 2 : Q & A

1. What did the first McDonald’s sell?

     They sold hamburgers and french fries.

 2. When and where was the first McDonald’s built?

      It was built in 1953.

 3. Why do some people want to save the first McDonald’s?

        Because they say its a cultural symbol.

 4. Why does McDonald’s Corporation say it shut the restaurant  down?

      Because it was damaged in the earthquake.

 5. Why don’t some citizens of Downey believe this?

      Because McDonald’s tried to change history once.

 6. Where did the name McDonald’s come from?

      From the founders the McDonald brothers.

 7. Who is Ray Kroc?

      He is the guy who bough the business from the McDonald brothers.

 8. Whose story do you believe, McDonald’s’ or the historians’?

      I believe the historians.

 9. What is the building like now?

       The building is abandoned and the windows are boarded.

10. Do you think the building should be saved? Why or why not?

        Yes , because it is a part of history.


Unit 6 Reading 1 : Q & A

1. What new restaurants have opened in Jamaica?

    They are KFC , Burger King , Pizza Hut and TCBY.

2. How much money do Jamaicans spend on fast food?

    They spend $2.46 on a burger and $5.80 to $15 on a pizza.

3. What is a patty?

     It’s a local Jamaican meat pie.

4. Why are small local restaurants having trouble?

     They cannot afford to pay for advertisement like the big chain restaurants .

5. How is Tastee’s trying to compete with American fast food restaurants?

     They do that by selling cheap patty and adding new foods to their menu.

6. Why is fast food popular in Jamaica?

      Because its more convenient for working Jamaicans.

7. What kind of food does TCBY sell?

       They sell yogurt as well as low-fat ice cream.

8. Why will fast food restaurants stay popular in Jamaica?

      Because they will do anything to make their customers happy.

9. If you went to Jamaica, would you eat Jamaican food or American-style fast food? Why?

     I would eat Jamaican food because I already tried American fast food.

Unit 5 Reading 4 : Q & A

1. What did the Wright brothers invent?

    They invented airplanes.

2. Where were the brothers born?

    Wilbur was born in April 16 , 1867  and Orville was born August 20, 1871.

3. What kinds of businesses did they have?

     They started with publishing a news paper then they Started the Wright Cycle Company.

4. What did they experiment with before they made the airplane?

   They experimented with kites then gliders.

5. What problems did they have with the engine?

     They were too heavy.

6. Where did they fly an airplane for the first time?

     They did their first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

7. Who flew the airplane the first time?

    Orville flew the first plane.

Unit 5 Reading 3 : Q & A

1. When was the first electric car made?

     It was made in the 1840s but it didn’t work well.

2. Why are people interested in electric cars today?

      Because if the growing air pollution.

3. What is CARB?

     It is California Air Resources Board.

 4. What is the EV1?

      It is General Motors first electric car.

 5. Who makes the EV1?

    General Motors makes them.

 6. How far will the car go on one charging of the battery?

    It goes 70 miles on one charge.

 7. What does it use for power?

      It uses a T shaped battery.

 8. How long does it take to recharge the battery?

      It  takes 3 hours.

 9. What are the advantages of the EV1?

       It is good for the environment.

10. What are the disadvantages?

       It is not possible to drive them long distance without taking long breaks to recharge.

11. Would you like to have an electric car?

       No I would not.

12. Do you think electric cars will become popular?

      No, they wont.

Unit 5 Reading 2 : Q & A

what is shinkansen ?

It is the japanese bullet train.

How fast does the shinkansen go?

It goes as fast as 200 mph.

What does shinkansen mean?

It means “new track”

What are Japanese trains like?

They are clean, comfortable and they are almost always on time.

What are American trains like?

The cars are dirty, the service is bad and the trains are often late.

Why aren’t American trains like Japanese trains, according to some people?

Because the United States is very large and people live far apart.

What is the Acela service?

It’s the American high-speed train.

Where is the Acela service available?

It is available on the East Coast of the United States.

What other areas might get high-speed train service in the future?

It will cover: California , the Midwest, The Pacific Northwest , the South East and The Gulf Coast.

Is the Acela faster than the regular trains? How much faster?

Yes, it is. Sometimes its 30% faster.

How fast do the new American trains go? Why won’t they go faster?

Its goes as fast as 150. They won’t go faster because of US safety rules.

Do you think the service will be popular? Why or why not?

Yes it will. Because it’s cheaper than flying.


Pronouns are helpful in writing. They help you connect sentences without repeating the same nouns. A pronoun is a word that replaces a noun. Two of the most common kinds of pronouns are subject pronouns and object pronouns.

Subject Pronouns

Subject pronouns (such as we, she, they) can be the subject of a sentence.

Object Pronouns

Object pronouns replace nouns as the object of a verb. They usually come after the verb in a sentence


Many paragraphs have a title. A title of a paragraph tells the main idea in a few words. Here are some things to remember when you write titles:

  1. • Titles are not complete sentences.
  2. • Always capitalize the first and last words of a title.
  3. • Capitalize all other important words. Do not capitalize articles (a, an, the) or prepositions (to, from, at, etc.).
  4. • Do not use a period at the end of a title. Do not use quotation marks (” “) around the title. But you may use a question mark 0) or an exclamation point (!).
  5. • Center a title.