Unit 1 Reading 3 : Q & A

1. What dream do many American parents have for their children?

They had a dream that their children would have better lives than they did.

 2. In the first paragraph, who are “those in the middle”?

They are middle class Americans.

 3. How have incomes changed in the last twenty years?

It had decreased after adjustment for inflation.

 4. Why didn’t Timothy Caldwell go to college?

He doesn’t have enough money and he has a child to take care of.

 5. What is an example of a minimum-wage job?

Janitors and waiters are am example for that.

 6. If  Timothy Caldwell had worked twenty years ago, where could he have found a job?

He could have found a well-paying  job in a factory.

 7. What did the Labor Secretary say about jobs and education?

He said ” If you have the right set of skills technology and  global economy will be on your side”

 8. When were there too many educated workers?

It was during the 1970s.

 9. Why did many high school students not go to college in the 1980s?

Because school administrators were telling them that college does not pay.

10. What did Karen Miller learn when she talked to school administrators?

She learned that students were getting bad advice.

11. What will solve the wage problems in the U.S. ?

      Better education for U.S. workers will solve it.


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