Unit 2 Reading 2 : Q & A

1. Why doesn’t Molly Arnold drink her tap water?

Because it has too much lead in it.

 2. Why shouldn’t you drink water with lead in it?

Because it might damage the body and brain.

 3. How much money did Americans spend on bottled water and treatment systems last year?

The spent 2 billion dollars on bottled water and 450 million dollars on water treatment systems.

 4. Where do most Americans get their drinking water?

Most Americans their drinking water from  privative wells, aquifers lakes and rivers.

 5. What are the three categories of water pollution?

They are: 1. chemicals 2.lead  3. bacteria and lead

 6. How many Americans drink water that is not filtered?

Around 12 million people do that.

 7. Does the U.S. government check water quality? Why or why not?

Not always , because each state has its own testing system.

 8. Why is it difficult to talk to local water officials?

Because its hard to talk about the problem in plain English.

 9. Why does Mr. Scarpetta buy bottled water?

He does that just to be safe.

10. How much bottled water do Americans drink?

They drink around 11 billion liters.

11. Why is artesian water usually safe?

Because underground water is usually less polluted.

12. What does purified water mean?

It means that it has been specially treated.

13. What should you do if you are worried about your water?

       Testing the water and knowing where it comes from helps.


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