Unit 3 Reading 1 : Q & A

1. Who is Jackie Joyner – Kersee?

   She is an Olympic athlete.

 2. What is her sport in the Olympics?

      Her sport is running.

 3. What is asthma?

      It is a medical condition which makes it hard to breath.

 4. How long has Joyner – Kersee had asthma?

      She had it for many years.

 5. How does her asthma affect her participation in sports?

      It makes participation in sport hard because she does not know when the attack will happen.

 6. How is her asthma treated?

      She is given a breath test then a medical treatment by the doctor.

 7. What should you do if you think you have asthma?

       When someone thinks he has asthma , he should see the doctor.

 8. How do asthma drugs help?

      They prevent attacks and help people with asthma to have a normal life.

 9. How can you tell if your asthma is getting worse?

      When you wake up and find it hard to breath, you know your asthma is getting worse.

10. Why do you think many people don’t want to admit they have asthma?

     Because it makes them feel weak. Also most people hate going to hospitals.


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