Unit 5 Reading 2 : Q & A

what is shinkansen ?

It is the japanese bullet train.

How fast does the shinkansen go?

It goes as fast as 200 mph.

What does shinkansen mean?

It means “new track”

What are Japanese trains like?

They are clean, comfortable and they are almost always on time.

What are American trains like?

The cars are dirty, the service is bad and the trains are often late.

Why aren’t American trains like Japanese trains, according to some people?

Because the United States is very large and people live far apart.

What is the Acela service?

It’s the American high-speed train.

Where is the Acela service available?

It is available on the East Coast of the United States.

What other areas might get high-speed train service in the future?

It will cover: California , the Midwest, The Pacific Northwest , the South East and The Gulf Coast.

Is the Acela faster than the regular trains? How much faster?

Yes, it is. Sometimes its 30% faster.

How fast do the new American trains go? Why won’t they go faster?

Its goes as fast as 150. They won’t go faster because of US safety rules.

Do you think the service will be popular? Why or why not?

Yes it will. Because it’s cheaper than flying.


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