Unit 5 Reading 3 : Q & A

1. When was the first electric car made?

     It was made in the 1840s but it didn’t work well.

2. Why are people interested in electric cars today?

      Because if the growing air pollution.

3. What is CARB?

     It is California Air Resources Board.

 4. What is the EV1?

      It is General Motors first electric car.

 5. Who makes the EV1?

    General Motors makes them.

 6. How far will the car go on one charging of the battery?

    It goes 70 miles on one charge.

 7. What does it use for power?

      It uses a T shaped battery.

 8. How long does it take to recharge the battery?

      It  takes 3 hours.

 9. What are the advantages of the EV1?

       It is good for the environment.

10. What are the disadvantages?

       It is not possible to drive them long distance without taking long breaks to recharge.

11. Would you like to have an electric car?

       No I would not.

12. Do you think electric cars will become popular?

      No, they wont.


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