Unit 5 Reading 4 : Q & A

1. What did the Wright brothers invent?

    They invented airplanes.

2. Where were the brothers born?

    Wilbur was born in April 16 , 1867  and Orville was born August 20, 1871.

3. What kinds of businesses did they have?

     They started with publishing a news paper then they Started the Wright Cycle Company.

4. What did they experiment with before they made the airplane?

   They experimented with kites then gliders.

5. What problems did they have with the engine?

     They were too heavy.

6. Where did they fly an airplane for the first time?

     They did their first flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

7. Who flew the airplane the first time?

    Orville flew the first plane.


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