Unit 6 Reading 1 : Q & A

1. What new restaurants have opened in Jamaica?

    They are KFC , Burger King , Pizza Hut and TCBY.

2. How much money do Jamaicans spend on fast food?

    They spend $2.46 on a burger and $5.80 to $15 on a pizza.

3. What is a patty?

     It’s a local Jamaican meat pie.

4. Why are small local restaurants having trouble?

     They cannot afford to pay for advertisement like the big chain restaurants .

5. How is Tastee’s trying to compete with American fast food restaurants?

     They do that by selling cheap patty and adding new foods to their menu.

6. Why is fast food popular in Jamaica?

      Because its more convenient for working Jamaicans.

7. What kind of food does TCBY sell?

       They sell yogurt as well as low-fat ice cream.

8. Why will fast food restaurants stay popular in Jamaica?

      Because they will do anything to make their customers happy.

9. If you went to Jamaica, would you eat Jamaican food or American-style fast food? Why?

     I would eat Jamaican food because I already tried American fast food.


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