Unit 6 Reading 2 : Q & A

1. What did the first McDonald’s sell?

     They sold hamburgers and french fries.

 2. When and where was the first McDonald’s built?

      It was built in 1953.

 3. Why do some people want to save the first McDonald’s?

        Because they say its a cultural symbol.

 4. Why does McDonald’s Corporation say it shut the restaurant  down?

      Because it was damaged in the earthquake.

 5. Why don’t some citizens of Downey believe this?

      Because McDonald’s tried to change history once.

 6. Where did the name McDonald’s come from?

      From the founders the McDonald brothers.

 7. Who is Ray Kroc?

      He is the guy who bough the business from the McDonald brothers.

 8. Whose story do you believe, McDonald’s’ or the historians’?

      I believe the historians.

 9. What is the building like now?

       The building is abandoned and the windows are boarded.

10. Do you think the building should be saved? Why or why not?

        Yes , because it is a part of history.


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