Writing Chapter 2 : Family


عمة / خالة




إبن أخ / إبن أخت








بنت أخ / بنت أخت


زوج الأم


أطفال / أبناء






أخت من الأب أو الأم


إبن عم بنت عم إبن خال بنت خال






















Unit 7 Reading 3 : Q & A

1.Where is Crete?
It is an island in South of Greece.

2.What are the mantinades?
They are colorful poems made of two lines and exactly 30 syllables.

3.How do people learn mantinades?
they are passed down through oral tradition.

4.How did mantinades begin?
They started as courtship tunes during the 1400s.

5. What are these poems about?
They are about responsibility, hardship and pride.

6. How are mantinades used at weddings?
They are used in a form of a friendly contest.

7. What feelings are expressed in wedding mantinades?
They express the goodwill of the people and they praise the charecter of the bride and groom.

8. What are some new places where mantinades can be found?
They can be found on souvenirs , like calendars and ashtrays.

9. Are the Cretans worried about the future of the mantinades? Why or why not?
No, they are not. Because mantinades at weddings come from the rich memory of the Cretans.

10. What is your opinion of the mantinades?
I don’t like them.

Unit 7 Reading 2 : Q & A

1. What is a dowry?

It is the money, goods, or estate that is exchanged between bride and groom in marriage.

2. What is Min Huang’s job?

She is a banker.

3. What items were included in Min Huang’s dowry?

it included furniture , dishes linens and a computer.

4. Why did she want a computer?

She wanted to improve her professional skills.

5. What will she do with her computer?

She wants to connect to the internet and broaden her horizons.

6. Why did her parents give her the computer?

They wanted her to be a part of the new world.

7. According to Chinese tradition, what are the groom’s parents responsible for?

They are responsible for the couple’s housing.

8. What are the bride’s parents responsible for?

They are responsible for the daily necessities.

9. What were some things included in dowries in the past?

Grain and clothing.

10. What are some modern dowry items?

VCR’s , stereos and computers.

11. What does Min think of her parents?

She is very thankful.

12. Do you think the tradition of a dowry is a good one? Why or why not?

Yes, its. It helps the new couple start their lives.

Unit 6 Reading 4 : Q & A

1. What is Komala’s?

It’s a restaurant that serves Indian food.
2. Where is Komala’s?

It is on  Serangoon road in Singapore.


3. What is the neighborhood it is in like?

It looks like a South Indian bazaar.
4. What does Komala’s look like?

It looks like an American fast food restaurant.
5. What kinds of food can you buy there?

It offers more than 10 kinds of thosai, steamed buns and many other types of Indian food.
6. Why is Komala’s compared to American fast food restaurants?

Because it is air conditioned , the seats are good , it has a playground for the children , the service is fast and its very neat and clean.


7. How is it different from American fast food restaurants?
It is  different because of its menu which offers Indian vegetarian food.

8. What is Komala’s future likely to be?

They will open branches in Malaysia, Australia  and India.


9. What did the restaurant owner mean when he said, “When people eat at Komala’s, they feel like a part of the international community”?

Because when they come , the can observer the diversity of the community. People from different nationalities having Indian food.


10. Do you think you would enjoy the food at Komala’s? Why or   why not?

I think I will. I like Indian food.

Unit 6 Reading 3 : Q & A

1. What is Food.com?

It is a company that lets customers order lunch and dinner from their computers.
2. How many restaurants have signed up with the service?

12,000 restaurants have signed up for the service.
3. Who can use Food.com?

Anyone with an internet account can use Food.com
4. How does the Food.com system work?

It works as follows:

Consumers go to Food.com on their computers, then type in their street address and phone number. The computer shows them which restaurants have takeout and delivery service in their neighborhood. It also shows them the menus, so they can decide what they want to eat. Next, a customer e-mails an order to Food.com. The company’s computers change  the e-mail message into a telephone message.  Then they send the order by telephone to the restaurant. A restaurant worker confirms that they received it. They return a message that says how long it’ll take to deliver the food. Food.com also sends an e-mail message to the customer. It tells them when the food will  arrive. The whole ordering process takes about  seven minutes. Finally, the restaurant or a de livery service brings the food.

5. How long does it take to place an order?

It takes around 7 minutes.

6. Do you think it’s easier than using a telephone? Why or why not?

No, it’s not. Because asking the customer to email their orders is not really practical. Also,  the procedure still uses phone calls as a medium. If you are paying $400 and $50 as monthly fee, it means you can afford a computer and an internet connection rather than relying on phone calls. Whoever wrote this article had no idea on how e-marketing is done.
7. Why do some customers like the system?

because it saves time on reading the menu. And restaurants do not put you on hold.
8. How does Food.com make money?

It charges the restaurants $400 for listing the menu and a monthly $50 to keep it online.
9. What do restaurants need to be part of Food.com?

They just need a telephone.
10. Why might this way of ordering food become very successful?

It MIGHT become successful because lots of Americans like their food delivered.
11. How often do you order dinner for takeout or delivery? Why?

Not too often, because I like to have my meals out.