Unit 6 Reading 4 : Q & A

1. What is Komala’s?

It’s a restaurant that serves Indian food.
2. Where is Komala’s?

It is on  Serangoon road in Singapore.


3. What is the neighborhood it is in like?

It looks like a South Indian bazaar.
4. What does Komala’s look like?

It looks like an American fast food restaurant.
5. What kinds of food can you buy there?

It offers more than 10 kinds of thosai, steamed buns and many other types of Indian food.
6. Why is Komala’s compared to American fast food restaurants?

Because it is air conditioned , the seats are good , it has a playground for the children , the service is fast and its very neat and clean.


7. How is it different from American fast food restaurants?
It is  different because of its menu which offers Indian vegetarian food.

8. What is Komala’s future likely to be?

They will open branches in Malaysia, Australia  and India.


9. What did the restaurant owner mean when he said, “When people eat at Komala’s, they feel like a part of the international community”?

Because when they come , the can observer the diversity of the community. People from different nationalities having Indian food.


10. Do you think you would enjoy the food at Komala’s? Why or   why not?

I think I will. I like Indian food.


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