Unit 7 Reading 2 : Q & A

1. What is a dowry?

It is the money, goods, or estate that is exchanged between bride and groom in marriage.

2. What is Min Huang’s job?

She is a banker.

3. What items were included in Min Huang’s dowry?

it included furniture , dishes linens and a computer.

4. Why did she want a computer?

She wanted to improve her professional skills.

5. What will she do with her computer?

She wants to connect to the internet and broaden her horizons.

6. Why did her parents give her the computer?

They wanted her to be a part of the new world.

7. According to Chinese tradition, what are the groom’s parents responsible for?

They are responsible for the couple’s housing.

8. What are the bride’s parents responsible for?

They are responsible for the daily necessities.

9. What were some things included in dowries in the past?

Grain and clothing.

10. What are some modern dowry items?

VCR’s , stereos and computers.

11. What does Min think of her parents?

She is very thankful.

12. Do you think the tradition of a dowry is a good one? Why or why not?

Yes, its. It helps the new couple start their lives.


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