Unit 7 Reading 3 : Q & A

1.Where is Crete?
It is an island in South of Greece.

2.What are the mantinades?
They are colorful poems made of two lines and exactly 30 syllables.

3.How do people learn mantinades?
they are passed down through oral tradition.

4.How did mantinades begin?
They started as courtship tunes during the 1400s.

5. What are these poems about?
They are about responsibility, hardship and pride.

6. How are mantinades used at weddings?
They are used in a form of a friendly contest.

7. What feelings are expressed in wedding mantinades?
They express the goodwill of the people and they praise the charecter of the bride and groom.

8. What are some new places where mantinades can be found?
They can be found on souvenirs , like calendars and ashtrays.

9. Are the Cretans worried about the future of the mantinades? Why or why not?
No, they are not. Because mantinades at weddings come from the rich memory of the Cretans.

10. What is your opinion of the mantinades?
I don’t like them.


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